Thursday, 13 May 2010

Vrijdag 30 april heb ik een bezoekje gebracht aan de EQC tentoonstelling in Veldhoven en toon hierbij enkele van mijn favoriete quilts. Geniet er van! Er volgen nog enkele later.

"Jazzy" door Annelies Ghyselen - Belgium - she won the price for best interpretation of the theme which was "Rhythm"

"Cordoba" gemaakt door Claudia Pheil - Germany

"Bird of Paradise" by Shulamit Ron - Israël

"African Rhythm" by Israela Hirsch - Israël

"Amphorae" by Shulamit Ron

"African Adventure" door Janneke de Vries - Nederland

On Friday 30th April we visited the European Quilt Championships in Veldhoven (The Netherlands) and as usual there were some really stunning quilts to be seen. I like to share some of these beauties with you all - enjoy! More to follow.

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