Saturday, 31 January 2009

Two more blocks of my challenge quilt.

For March the instructions were to make 4 blocks of 6”x6” – baskets.
April we had to make flying geese units – 3”x12” strips and these are the results.

I am a happy girl, got my clustrmap bag. Thank you to the ClustrMaps Team. To anyone encountering the same problem you can find the solution under the label Blogger Help.

Friday, 30 January 2009

Bijna elf uur - hoog tijd voor bed. Ik heb net een paar uur doorgebracht om de meest van mijn "quilt-boeken" toe te voegen aan mijn boekenrek. Gemerkt en de quilters' boeken vooraan gezet - dacht ik - zij staan dus achteraan indien je ze wenst te zien begin je best met de laatste pagina. Ooit zal ik dit goed krijgen

I just realised that I typed this in Dutch. I wanted to mention that I have just spent a couple of hours adding my quilt-related books to my bookshelf, tagged them and put them at the front or so I thought. So any interested in seeing them best begin at the last page. Sorry about this I will sort this out one day - soon I hope :-))
I did it again. Trying to be clever doesn't always pay :-)). I had the link to the clustermaps which I love, just now I wanted to insert a counter, deleted the html link of the clustermaps thinking this was saved and inserted the counter html bit. Result I now have a counter and no map. I tried to re-instate the map but to no avail. I contacted the clustermap people and hope they will come up with the solution.

Does anyone know how to insurt extra buttons etc. without having to delete the previous one?

All help is welcome

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Oops the photo's did not show so here I go again
Hurray how happy I am I have one follower - hallo Corry, dank voor je lieve woorden and Kirsten paid a visit - all the way from Australia LOL. Kirsten and I are both lovers of reproduction fabrics and antique quilts and all things related.

Since I have not done any quilting today - too many other "need to do" stuff got in the way :-)) I would like to show you some more blocks of the Challenge Quilt.

The January block which was our first assignment had to be a "12-inch star block"

The February block had to be made up of 9 - 3x3 inch "pinwheels - spinners" blocks.

I had been collecting these beautiful fabrics that I had no specific purpouse for except than to use them one day. This challenge was an ideal project. So I started by gathering some of those that I thought would look well together - not easy always as all I had of some of the fabrics was a piece of 8x8inch - I admit that I feel quite happy now that I see them all together.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Well I have done it - advertised my blog. I can't go back now :-)).

January 2008 I joined a group of ladies on-line into making a "challenge quilt". Our list-mum give us the monthly instructions: for instance make a block using a star - make an appliqué block - make 4 blocks only using triangles etc etc. Each time the combination of the instruction was that the total of the blocks made per month would add up to 12". The result was a great variety of blocks made by the different participants and I really look forward to seeing the end result.

I have only one more block to finish of the 12 - November where only the appliqué part needs to be added. Today I managed to take a photo of the October and December blocks - see below

Monday, 26 January 2009

A new week has started and from now on I hope to be able to keep my blog - or quilting diary - as I like to call it more or less up to date. First job off course is to "advertise" otherwise no one will know I exist LOL.

January is sales month and I have been busy ordering new fabric and books - a girl can never have enough of either of them.

Up to about a year ago I was very much a traditional quilter - still am most of the time. Thanks to my mentor Annelies I have slowly build up enough courage to start experimenting with more contemporary quilts. Traditional quilts and reproduction fabrics will always be my favourites but I am enjoying the playfulness and "no bounds" of working the “arty” way.

Having followed a full day workshop on “Surface Design” with Annelies a new world opened up to me and as a result one of the books I bought is called “The Painted Quilt” by Linda and Laura Kemshall. Lots of interesting ways to play are described in there. I am going to try and import a photo of this book. I have a question about printing the cover of a book on the Blog – do we need to create a link to the shop where we bought it? What if there is no link?

Friday, 23 January 2009

To date I have not told anyone of my blog as I am still very much in the trial and error stage and have come to the conclussion that I will definitely need some help :-)). Luckily I have some people I can call on for help so by next week my blog should look a bit more interesting

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Since I have been admiring other people’s blogs for ages I decided to have a go at this myself. After all, how hard can it be since so many are doing it? – famous last words! OK if I don’t try I’ll never know so here I go. I cannot promise exiting beautiful photo’s, tutorials, comments etc. from the start as this is very much a learn as you go project for me. I do most of my quilting and piecing by hand (95%) so I will not be showing new projects every week. Patchwork and quilting has become so much part of my life that I would hate to miss it. I enjoy every aspect of it – from fabric fondling, buying, cutting, sewing, reading and visiting blogs every free moment I can spare. To those that are prepared to support my blog by visiting or leaving comments thank you so much in advance – I hope you will be plenty and that you will enjoy whatever little I do post.

Welcome to a Quilter’s Dream