Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Hier ben ik dan met het laatste blok voor mijn challenge quilt - nu rest het me nog ze op een gepaste wijze samen te voegen.
I finally made it - finished my last block for the challenge quilt all that rests me now is to join them in a fun way - keep you posted. Our instructions were to make a 8" and a 4" basket block and two appliqué blocks of 4"x8" each. This is the result.

I also managed to cut the pieces for my next border for the RR and have joined some of the one border so you can see where the idea is going. Don't get a fright by the colours - I have used quite of few of my "icky greens" as they are called among the reproduction quilters. The rest of the quilt is far more subdued and looking gorgeous. I am just hoping that I will not spoil it by joining this border - but then - if I don't like it I make another one and keep this one for a future quilt.
My poor fingers (nails) on my left hand healed a bit so I got some more quilting done on Ben's quilt as well. All in all not bad going for two days word.
good night and thank you for visiting my blog.



  1. Hoi Jenny, ik kijk er alvast naar uit om die quilt in zijn geheel te ontdekken. De kleuren spreken me aan, warm groen, geen te fel geel, wat diep bordeaux/bruin ertussen en dan hier en daar een bloem-applicatie. Ben benieuwd. Verzorg je vingers en naai er maar op los ! Groetjes, Viviane

  2. Aaaah, Jenny in Blogland!
    Welkom, ik zal je volgen! ;-)

  3. I love reporduction greens! And I love your basket and applique blocks!

  4. Oh nog een blog om te onthouden.Zie hier mooie blokken langskomen.