Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Well I have done it - advertised my blog. I can't go back now :-)).

January 2008 I joined a group of ladies on-line into making a "challenge quilt". Our list-mum give us the monthly instructions: for instance make a block using a star - make an appliqué block - make 4 blocks only using triangles etc etc. Each time the combination of the instruction was that the total of the blocks made per month would add up to 12". The result was a great variety of blocks made by the different participants and I really look forward to seeing the end result.

I have only one more block to finish of the 12 - November where only the appliqué part needs to be added. Today I managed to take a photo of the October and December blocks - see below


  1. Hoi Jenny, welkom in blogland.Je blokken zijn prachtig en ik hou van je kleurkeuze...warme kleuren, erg mooi!

  2. Jenny, lovely blocks - will look forward to seeing them put together! I am far behind - you are inspiring me to catch up!
    cheers, Kirsten