Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Since I have been admiring other people’s blogs for ages I decided to have a go at this myself. After all, how hard can it be since so many are doing it? – famous last words! OK if I don’t try I’ll never know so here I go. I cannot promise exiting beautiful photo’s, tutorials, comments etc. from the start as this is very much a learn as you go project for me. I do most of my quilting and piecing by hand (95%) so I will not be showing new projects every week. Patchwork and quilting has become so much part of my life that I would hate to miss it. I enjoy every aspect of it – from fabric fondling, buying, cutting, sewing, reading and visiting blogs every free moment I can spare. To those that are prepared to support my blog by visiting or leaving comments thank you so much in advance – I hope you will be plenty and that you will enjoy whatever little I do post.

Welcome to a Quilter’s Dream

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  1. I'm new at writing a blog too -- just my 2nd month. I see you're a fabric fondler too. I fondle my fabric, pet it, refold it, admire it, rearrange it, and sometimes have a hard time cutting and using it. That's why I have so much. I admire your quilting and piecing by hand. I've only done some, when I made some of my Dear Jane blocks, and they're the work of a beginner, but at least I tried. Bravo to you, Jenny, for jumping in and creating a blog. I see we're the same age and both Libras.