Monday, 26 January 2009

A new week has started and from now on I hope to be able to keep my blog - or quilting diary - as I like to call it more or less up to date. First job off course is to "advertise" otherwise no one will know I exist LOL.

January is sales month and I have been busy ordering new fabric and books - a girl can never have enough of either of them.

Up to about a year ago I was very much a traditional quilter - still am most of the time. Thanks to my mentor Annelies I have slowly build up enough courage to start experimenting with more contemporary quilts. Traditional quilts and reproduction fabrics will always be my favourites but I am enjoying the playfulness and "no bounds" of working the “arty” way.

Having followed a full day workshop on “Surface Design” with Annelies a new world opened up to me and as a result one of the books I bought is called “The Painted Quilt” by Linda and Laura Kemshall. Lots of interesting ways to play are described in there. I am going to try and import a photo of this book. I have a question about printing the cover of a book on the Blog – do we need to create a link to the shop where we bought it? What if there is no link?


  1. Hi Jenny, what a lovely blog!! Thank you for letting us know about it - it is a pleasure to 'visit' you. I am glad to hear you say you like this book and find it useful - it is one I have wondered about for a long time. I am similar in that I generally have done traditional quilting but for the last couple of years have wanted to try something different. Sounds like this book might be just the thing! Thanks for sharing! I don't really know if there is a problem with posting a cover, I can't see why as it helps advertise the book. If the book authors caused you any problems for doing this, then I would not buy it on principle!! I am sure there will be no problems.

    cheerio, Kirsten

  2. Kirsten, thanks for being my first visitor :-))
    This book is indeed good - clear language if I can understand it anyone can. Have fun.