Friday, 10 April 2009

I hope everyone has a lovely and sunny Easter. Personally I look forward to having the family around and helping my grandson Ben look for his Easter eggs in the garden.
To get in the mood herewith some photo's of my spring flowers and shrub.

This week I have spent time quilting Ben's quilt, about 3/4 finished now.
Till next week


  1. Ook voor jou fijne Paasdagen toegewenst.

  2. On the Other side of the world in Sunny South Australia down the beach at Grange we have a lovely sunny day too. Hot Cross buns are in the oven and freshly brewed coffe made :-)
    Have a wonderful Easter Sunday. I do so love your Daffodils.

  3. hopelijk heeft Ben zijn paaseitjes allemaal gevonden ! smul maar lekker en geniet vooral van deze dag. Vrolijk Pasen

  4. Here in the upper Midwest part of the USA, our flowers and shrubs are still hiding from the cold, the winds, and the chilly days. We hope to have many lovely, warm, sunny days soon. Your daffodils and shrub are lovely.