Monday, 4 May 2009

Visit to Veldhoven
Saturday the second of May my friend and I visited the European Quilts Championship Exhibition in Veldhoven the Netherlands. It was a welcome break after two week of working solidly. We enjoyed the exhibition very much but were dissappointed at the way the quilts were displayed; some of them were so high up that after a few hours you ended up with a sore neck plus one could not see any of the details on any of the quilts, not even those hanging lower down. A great pity since a lot of the quilters must have gone through a lot of trouble and effort to give their quilts that little extra. Taking photo's was another problem. We did but unfortunately most of them were rather blurred. You could buy a DVD of the entire exhibition but I prefer taking my own photo's. At the cost of 12Euro's entrance fee I at least like to see the quilts in detail and not on a DVD. I did leave a comment on the site of the organisers and hopefully next year their display will be a bit kinder to the visitors. Otherwise it was a great exhibition with some outstanding quilts and off course lots of shops. Shop till you drop was the message :-))

For those that would like to see the winning quilts you can go to the following site

I bought two books that will help me (I hope) with future landscape quilts that I have planned.

The quilt "King Solomon's Magical Carpet" won a price of merit and was made by my friend Shulamit

A photo of Christiane (no blogger) and myself at the stand of McKenna Ryan she was demonstrating some of her newer selection blocks. Lovely works

Glad to be back blogging, till next time,


  1. I also would not have been very comfortable, looking up at all of the quilts. Maybe they put them high so people wouldn't be tempted to touch them? But that is not a very guest-friendly way to display the quilts.

    Thank you for sending me to photos of the winning quilts at the exhibition. They're very impressive.

  2. Hi Jenny,
    thank you for sending the link to see the winning quilt from the quilt show. Would have loved to join you there!
    happy quilting

  3. Hi Jenny. I was there , in Veldhove too on the 2. of may and I do agree very much with your command of how the quilts are displayed. I too send a commend to the organization. I read many blogs of other dutch bloggers that felt the same. It was a pitty, for the quilts where so beautifull! Now I had to make some photo's of it to enlarge at my computer at home to watch the quilts real good...That's in my opinion not what such an exhibition is ment for

  4. Hi Conny, indien er genoeg kommentaar op komt zullen ze misschien volgend jaar de quilts op een andere manier ophangen. We kunnen er maar op hopen. Jammer dat ik je niet gezien heb.

  5. en zeggen dat we dezelfde dag daar hebben rondgelopen en elkaar gemist hebben.....
    inderdaad : die quilts hingen al even slecht dan verleden jaar. Toen hingen ze rug aan rug in t midden zonder tussen-laag, wat ook niet om te genieten was.
    gr van viviane